Logo300How to Apply

  • Shake bottle well.
  • Mix 40-80ml (8-16 tsp.) per gallon of tepid water.
  • Mixture should be applied with a sprayer to both sides of the leaf surface, as well as to the stems and flowers.
  • Applications should be made after sunset, or when lights are OUT. Allow time to dry before sunrise or lights on.
  • Liberally apply every 5 to 7 days, up to one week before harvest.
  • Mixture should be used within one hour.
  • Once bottle has been opened, it should be stored in the refrigerator to extend shelf life.
  • Due to different varietal characteristics displayed by plants, we recommend that you test this product on one plant before treating an entire crop.

Due to the number of daily inquiries we receive about proper application rates and time between spray applications, we have put together the following guideline. This guideline can also be used loosely as a reference for all plants. All spraying should be done after sunset or when lights are out. This enables adequate time for the plants to dry fully.

Here are the guidelines for spay applications:

  1. Seedlings, cuttings/clones (plants with less than 4 nodes) should not be treated with more than 40 ml per gallon. Seedlings should have at least 2 sets of true leaves before treatment. Young plants do not have the waxy cuticle present to stop the product from penetrating the cells, and therefore it can burn or bleach the leaves. Greenhouse trials have shown that application rates as low as 20 ml per gallon to be effective for plants this young.
  2. Plants with 4 or more nodes in a vegetative phase or flowering phase can be treated at rates between 40-80 ml per gallon. For those of you looking for instant gratification, the 40 ml per gallon rate will not be suitable. This rate works slowly over a 3-4 week basis to keep your plants healthy and shiny. It works great but takes patience and time. The 40 ml rate can be used as often as every third day. We highly suggest applications at this rate every 7-10 days up until week 5 of flower regardless of how clean, healthy, and shiny your plants appear to be.
    If you don’t have time, the 80 ml per gallon rate can be used for instant gratification. But be cautious, this rate can be a bit much for certain species. With this high of an application, they can get a very slight and very sporadic leaf burn, usually on the oldest fan leaves. Much of the damage to these sensitive varieties can be avoided by making sure that the plants have had adequate time to dry, and raising the lights 4-8 inches above the height that they are currently at for the following day or two. Two to three applications, spaced 3-4 days apart will completely be sufficient.
    In a perfect world this would be ideal: two to three applications of Mites & Mildew Washout, at a rate of 60 ml per gallon, spaced 3-4 days apart. This has proven to be extremely effective without concern for the integrity of even the most sensitive varieties. Lights must be out during the spray application (regardless of rate applied) and adequate time allowed to dry.
  3. This product can be used within 3-5 days of harvest.
  4. The plant should be sprayed from the bottom up. Start by spraying the undersides of the leaves while working your way up to the top of the plant. After the undersides have been fully soaked, proceed to spray the top surface of the leaves. If the tops of the leaves are sprayed first, they will start to droop and it will be hard to obtain adequate coverage on the underside of the leaves. As mentioned on our home page, Mites & Mildew Washout is 100% effective, all of the time, as long as it used properly.